How Pest Control Hamilton Helps Get Rid of Rats

stop the root of the problem in a proper way. In order to get rid of rats in your attic or home, firstly, try to find out how and from where they are getting in, and permanently seal off those entry points. This way the rats will be trapped and will be removed from the building. Pest control Hamilton experts assist many Canadians in providing pest control solutions and also promise pest free future.

Pest Control Hamilton

Tips to get Rid of Rats

  • Seal off all the holes in the interior and exterior walls. It is better if you start with the interior walls to leave a way out for the mice. If you get them trapped within the walls, there is a possibility that they may chew new holes.

  • Always try to find those places used by mices regularly. If you find any greasy stains and feces you can easily get the idea about mice. You can also sense some stinky odor and clean the place immediately.

  • You can use rag or cloth pads in order to seal the entryways. Steel wool is considered to be a good option. However, steel wool is not a permanent solution as it rusts. Green kitchen pads are a good option to use for blocking the entryways. But you need to repair the large holes.

  • Once you secure the interior walls, now it is turn to seal any holes on the exterior walls of your building.
  • Cleanliness keeps the pests away from your home. When there is nothing to eat in or around your home, pests will less likely stay there. Properly store all your edible stuff in airtight containers and in places where you can prevent it from mouse attack.

  • Dustbin and trash cans should be away from your home. Dustbins and trash are usually a good source of food for mice and other pests. They can smell it and get attracted towards your house.

  • You can use peppermint oil which is a natural deterrent. Its smell is simply too intense for rodents and keeps the mice/pest away. You can use it by applying a drop or two on a cotton ball and then place it where mice usually enter your house such as doorways.

If you want to get rid of pests, it is essential to maintain cleanliness. And find the place where these rats enter. Keep your dustbins and trash away from your house. Avoid killing trapped mice since it is not a permanent solution. You can take professional assistance as many pest control Hamilton professionals deliver services to eliminate unwanted pests. You can also use organic solutions.

Pestex helps you in winning the war with pests. Our professionals are experienced and have deep knowledge about pest control. We deliver comprehensive range of pest extermination services including residences or business premises.

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