How to Remove Ants From Home – Learn from Pest Removal Experts

Pest control Hamilton experts strive hard to provide homeowners with the solutions that can remove pests off their homes. Pests always create nuisance at home. They are present everywhere in the air, carpet, cupboard etc. You can easily see every resource in your home sharing their resources with these tiny lodgers. Pest control Burlington guide people about how to deal with these unseen invaders. Though, a wide range of pesticides are available in the market but these potent chemicals may cause harm to you and our environment.

Following are some natural ways of controlling ant infestation in your homes.


  • The foremost thing is to remove all the attractants by keeping the kitchen counters free of crumbs. Make sure you wipe off the sticky spots and keep sugar and honey in an airtight container. Don’t leave dishes soaking overnight as it provides reliable water sources to the ants.

  • Put some soapy water in a handy spray bottle and spray that water over the ants.

  • Put some cucumber peels or slices in the kitchen or at the entry point of the ants. Most of the ants have a natural aversion to cucumber. This can help you keep them away your home.

  • Keep a few mint tea bags near the areas where ants are most active. Dry crushed mint leaves will work as the perfect ant deterrents.

  • Put some citrus oil, lemon juice, cinnamon, pepper at the entry area of the ants. This is an effective method of preventing ants from your home.

  • Mix water, a teaspoon of Borax and some sugar together. Soak some cotton balls in the mixture. Now, place these cotton balls in a small yogurt container with holes to allow ants gain easy access to the balls. Place the container near to their colony. The ants will take the bait to their colony which will kill the ants. It is advised to keep the solution away from the pets and children.

  •  If you encounter ants on the deck, place a few pieces of garlic between the cracks.

All the above mentioned tips will help the homeowners in preventing ants from their homes. Make sure you address the ants right from the beginning when they try to invade your home. Don’t let them form colonies in your residence. In case these methods don’t work for you, call reliable pest removal services to get this job done.

Pestex offers a wide range of pest control and removal services across Hamilton and its surrounding areas. We are a team of adroit technicians executing effective strategies to prevent ants from your dwelling.

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