Tips for Mice control in Homes – Preventive Methods to Avoid Infestation

House mice are considered one of the most annoying creatures. They live and thrive under a variety of conditions like lofts, wall interiors, storage box etc. Once they enter homes, it can be difficult to get rid of them. And, they cause considerable harm to property and structures. Few tricks help you to tackle this situation like trapping and mice poisoning.

How to take action about mouse infestation?

Mouse infestations are dangerous to humans. The saliva or feces of some mice may contain viruses, such as hantavirus and salmonella. So, it is best to take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation. You want to know how to control this situation? Here are some tips:

Traps: Trapping is an effective method for mice control. It is very simple and cheap (wood based snap trap) technique. Traps can be placed on top of pallets of stored materials or ledges, if mice are active in such locations.materials or ledges, if mice are active in such locations.

pestcontrolratElectronic Devices: Mice easily get frightened by strange noises. It’s a chemical free method. Usually, it is used to irritate the pest’s nervous system with a single turn on and off movement. Unfamiliar noises makes it difficult for them to build their nests. As a result, all rodents and pests will want to escape and stay away from that noise.

Poison Baits: It’s a poison trap. So, keep it away from the children and house pets. Rat killer can be placed indoor as well as outdoor to control infestation. It allows the user to effectively kill the mouse.

Glue Boards: It catches and holds mice that are attempting to cross over them in much the same way flypaper catches flies. Glue boards can placed where mice travel the most. And, extreme temperatures or areas with extreme dust may affect the effects of glue boards unless properly covered.

Placement of Baits: Baits are available in different forms. Place fresh bait stations next to walls to control invading mice before they become habitual. You don’t have to unwrap the baits before use; the pests will eat through the wrappers.

So you can prevent mice through baits and electronic devices where they are active. Follow these instructions before mouse numbers reach high levels. These are simple yet effective ways to ensure mice infestation is controlled well before it poses health risks to homeowners.

We, Pestex, gives you all you need to know about effective ways to control mice. Here are some tips to help people tackle the mice problems in their homes. Hope, after reading this article you will gain the extra knowledge how to trap mice in homes.

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