Facts You Don’t Know About Squirrel Animal Infestation

When it comes to pests, it is quite obvious to mention squirrels. Despite of the cute looks of this creature, nobody wants to share their home with these pests. No wonder people usually look for pest control or squirrel removal services when their population goes overboard. These pests promote diseases and create nuisance in the nighborhood. Everybody is familiar with the damages involved like chewed wires and the dirty lofts.

Below you may find more details about squirrels


Eastern gray squirrels are widely found in Canada. These are little rodents who basically reside in trees or grounds. Trees are their first home as it provides safety to them from other animals while they come to ground in search of food. The average life span of squirrels is about 12 years and they generally breed twice a year.


Mostly squirrels roam free on the tress but due to the urbanization, trees have frequently reduced. This is the reason, squirrels moving to your houses in search of a safe habitat. Nobody wants to give them shelter in their homes. So, this is the reason people want to get rid of these unhealthy pests.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Everybody knows that squirrels are afraid of humans. However, this is not the fact. A frightened squirrel can even bite you so it is better to maintain a safe distance from them. These pests really are fond of chewing wires which can be troublesome for your home. Even the steel pipings are not safe in their presence. Wire damages can even cause fire in your house. Apart from that, foul smell of their urine creates an unhealthy environment. These little creatures can cause a lot more damage to your home than you have ever thought of. These squirrels can even create holes in the walls to make their passage.

Are They a Health Hazard?

Some people live in the myth that squirrels don’t spread diseases. Squirrels are more likely to become prey to any rabid animal which eventually can spread virus to your home. As these pests come into continuous contact with the dirt, so these can carry parasites. The other small insects and parasites like mites are likely to enter your home through squirrels.

How To get Rid of Animal Infestation?

Since it is extremely hard to tell where these pests are residing in your house, so live trapping is the best solution for this problem. It is highly recommended to call a professional pest control service that can assist you in squirrel removal. Only experts can suggest you relevant ways to get rid of these squirrels. Moreover, it is necessary to safely remove the squirrels to avoid spreading diseases. Seeking a professional advice is always a good choice.

We, at Pestex Pest Control, deals in complete and effective removal of pests and mice control. If your house is infected with these pests, give us a quick call to assist you.

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