Humane Ways To Catch A House Mouse

It’s quite common, whenever you ask your neighbors or friends about removing rat infestations from your home, they probably recommend to use poison for mice and mouse removal. But, such methods can be dangerous as they pose a high amount of risk to the environment as well as to the health of human beings. So, until mice start threatening to bite the kid, or contaminating the food items with their droppings, you should treat them more humanely than that.

Follow some humane pest control solution to prevent mouse infestation from your home.

Rat proofing: Treat the certain areas with a natural deterrent. Most of the professional pest control experts suggest to whip-up a potent concoction of vegetable oil with garlic, cayenne pepper and horseradish. Make sure keep the oil stay for several days, and then strain it. Spray bottle can be used to coat the surfaces with the mice deterrent.

Trap and release: One thing you always keep in mind, that never over-use the traps. Next, important thing, place the traps in high-activity areas which may include along walls, darkened corners, and all other areas where mouse droppings are evident.

Once the traps grab the mouse, make sure release it more than 100 meters away from the point of origin.
Traditional spring trap: It may be an old technology, but still this is one of the cleanest and greenest option. A properly sprung trap will instantly kill the rodent. So, look for heavy-duty plastic base or metal model instead of using any wooden base or something that comes in a multi-packs.

Electrocution traps: It is easy to use and provide a quick, humane kill. This is a new rodent terminator in the market. High-voltage shock effectively kill the mice. Electrocution includes a two-piece housing and water-proof electronics for effortless cleaning. You can directly dumped into the trash without even touching and viewing.

Hence, these house mouse requires some serious attention so that they won’t create problems. Even, the most soft-hearted animal lovers also need to take action to prevent mouse infestations. Humane method looks effective and efficacious treatment without harming the health of your family members.

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