Easy Steps to Remove Rats from Your Home

Rodents are harmful pests that can cause nuisance and destroy essential home items. Their noise can greatly annoy a homeowner. Rats are pesky insects who are responsible for causing many serious health diseases including plaque. They often damage furniture, walls or chew electric cables, clothes, books and feed on stored food sources. To avoid inconvenience, it’s necessary to remove these rodents as soon as they are noticed. They are fast, flexible and can hide themselves in small holes. For effective results, calling a pest removal company for service is one of the best solution.

Few steps helpful in elimination are:

1. Remove all food sources

Pests usually accommodate a home in search of food and shelter. In case of mice, they prioritize a place that has more food availability. To prevent their infestation, it’s advised to stop feeding them. Try to keep the food materials away from their reach. Moreover, use plastic or glass containers that have tight lids for storing food.

2. Keep your home clean and tidy

In order to cope up with rat infestation, a clean and tidy home is a necessity. Even a couple of food spills left on the dining table can attract rodents. A cluttered and stuffed home can come up as a perfect hiding place for these pests. Don’t leave dirty clothes in the room corners or bed, as they can be spoiled by rats.

3. Use peppermint oil

An effective way to keep rodents away is peppermint oil. Its smell is so intense that mice won’t just get closer to the room in which it’s kept. One can place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil at areas that are well visited by rats.

4. Close all possible entries

Since rodents are tiny creatures, they can easily get inside through small holes. To prevent their entry, seal the wall cracks and holes that may come up as a possible source of their invasion. Make sure there are no spaces left that can let them get in.

5. Use poisoning against mice

This a helpful but inhumane practice that tends to kill these pests. Poison is a source that can be harmful for your pets and kids. Therefore, before following this method, make sure you place it away from the reach of other family members.

6. Choose appropriate rattraps

A trap is a safe and effective practice of catching rats. In case, you don’t want to deal with dead mice, use humane method of trapping. There are several types of rattraps available in market. One can catch them in a box that’s easy to enter but difficult to escape. After catching, release them at a distance of 1 mile away from your place to avoid their back entry.

These are the few effective ways of eliminating rats from a home. Since rats can cause damages and diseases, they should be removed as soon as possible. Pestex Pest Control is a reputed company that offers pest control and extermination services to both residential and commercial properties in Hamilton.


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