Health Risks Associated With Cockroaches & Their Solutions

Cockroaches are one of the common household pests that are found throughout the world. These tiny insects can spoil the integrity and hygiene of a home or office. Almost, every individual might have gone through cockroach infestation one or the other time in their life.

Most of the homeowners doesn’t bother about the roach presence in their property, until they fall nauseous or ill. Since these insects live in kitchen pipes or under other unhygienic conditions, they are responsible for spreading various diseases and infections. Due to their ability of causing diseases, they are considered harmful to humans and should be eradicated permanently with the help of a Hamilton pest extermination professional.

Various health risks associated with roach infestation are:

1. Food Contamination

Cockroaches can contaminate the food source they have fed or moved upon. They eat almost everything, including the dead remains of plants and animals. This makes them the carrier of various viral and bacterial infections. Their crawling can contaminate the food that results in serious sickness.

2. Bites

There are very little chances for cockroach bites, but they do bite when in danger. If your property is infested by a large numbers of pests, chances of getting a sting is maximized. Cockroach bites can cause wounds on toes and fingers.

3. Allergies

A physical contact with cockroach can cause several allergies, skin rashes, sneezing etc. Their saliva contains plenty of microbes and allergens that can deteriorate the well being of a person.

4. Asthma

By spreading lots of bacterial infections, cockroaches can trigger an asthma attack in the individuals suffering from this ill health condition. Their urine and feces can turn out to be dangerous for patients having breathing disorders. It’s highly advised to eliminate cockroaches as soon as possible, in case an asthma patient is present in your home.

Solutions to prevent infestation issues:

1. Keep the surroundings clean

To get rid of these pesky pests, its important to keep a space clean and hygienic. Since insects usually gets attracted towards a property because of abundance of food sources and shelter, keeping a kitchen clean can prevent their infestation.

2. Protect Food

As cockroaches can infect the food sources, its advised not to place any of the food items in open. This will prevent the risk of food contamination and poisoning. Moreover, clean the sink and drainage pipes on monthly basis to maintain hygiene.

3. Seal the cracks

Seal all minor wall openings and cracks to reduce the possibility of pest entry inside a home. In case, your home has been infected by harmful pests, call in an experienced pest control service in Hamilton for long time removal.

These were the few health risks associated with cockroaches, along with the solutions to prevent their infestation. Pestex Pest Control is a reputed pest removal company that offers comprehensive range of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services in Hamilton at affordable prices.


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