Humane Ways To Catch A House Mouse

It’s quite common, whenever you ask your neighbors or friends about removing rat infestations from your home, they probably recommend to use poison for mice and mouse removal. But, such methods can be dangerous as they pose a high amount of risk to the environment as well as to the health of human beings. So, until mice start threatening to bite the kid, or contaminating the food items with their droppings, you should treat them more humanely than that.

Follow some humane pest control solution to prevent mouse infestation from your home.

Rat proofing: Treat the certain areas with a natural deterrent. Most of the professional pest control experts suggest to whip-up a potent concoction of vegetable oil with garlic, cayenne pepper and horseradish. Make sure keep the oil stay for several days, and then strain it. Spray bottle can be used to coat the surfaces with the mice deterrent.

Trap and release: One thing you always keep in mind, that never over-use the traps. Next, important thing, place the traps in high-activity areas which may include along walls, darkened corners, and all other areas where mouse droppings are evident.

Once the traps grab the mouse, make sure release it more than 100 meters away from the point of origin.
Traditional spring trap: It may be an old technology, but still this is one of the cleanest and greenest option. A properly sprung trap will instantly kill the rodent. So, look for heavy-duty plastic base or metal model instead of using any wooden base or something that comes in a multi-packs.

Electrocution traps: It is easy to use and provide a quick, humane kill. This is a new rodent terminator in the market. High-voltage shock effectively kill the mice. Electrocution includes a two-piece housing and water-proof electronics for effortless cleaning. You can directly dumped into the trash without even touching and viewing.

Hence, these house mouse requires some serious attention so that they won’t create problems. Even, the most soft-hearted animal lovers also need to take action to prevent mouse infestations. Humane method looks effective and efficacious treatment without harming the health of your family members.

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Facts You Don’t Know About Squirrel Animal Infestation

When it comes to pests, it is quite obvious to mention squirrels. Despite of the cute looks of this creature, nobody wants to share their home with these pests. No wonder people usually look for pest control or squirrel removal services when their population goes overboard. These pests promote diseases and create nuisance in the nighborhood. Everybody is familiar with the damages involved like chewed wires and the dirty lofts.

Below you may find more details about squirrels


Eastern gray squirrels are widely found in Canada. These are little rodents who basically reside in trees or grounds. Trees are their first home as it provides safety to them from other animals while they come to ground in search of food. The average life span of squirrels is about 12 years and they generally breed twice a year.


Mostly squirrels roam free on the tress but due to the urbanization, trees have frequently reduced. This is the reason, squirrels moving to your houses in search of a safe habitat. Nobody wants to give them shelter in their homes. So, this is the reason people want to get rid of these unhealthy pests.

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Everybody knows that squirrels are afraid of humans. However, this is not the fact. A frightened squirrel can even bite you so it is better to maintain a safe distance from them. These pests really are fond of chewing wires which can be troublesome for your home. Even the steel pipings are not safe in their presence. Wire damages can even cause fire in your house. Apart from that, foul smell of their urine creates an unhealthy environment. These little creatures can cause a lot more damage to your home than you have ever thought of. These squirrels can even create holes in the walls to make their passage.

Are They a Health Hazard?

Some people live in the myth that squirrels don’t spread diseases. Squirrels are more likely to become prey to any rabid animal which eventually can spread virus to your home. As these pests come into continuous contact with the dirt, so these can carry parasites. The other small insects and parasites like mites are likely to enter your home through squirrels.

How To get Rid of Animal Infestation?

Since it is extremely hard to tell where these pests are residing in your house, so live trapping is the best solution for this problem. It is highly recommended to call a professional pest control service that can assist you in squirrel removal. Only experts can suggest you relevant ways to get rid of these squirrels. Moreover, it is necessary to safely remove the squirrels to avoid spreading diseases. Seeking a professional advice is always a good choice.

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Tips for Mice control in Homes – Preventive Methods to Avoid Infestation

House mice are considered one of the most annoying creatures. They live and thrive under a variety of conditions like lofts, wall interiors, storage box etc. Once they enter homes, it can be difficult to get rid of them. And, they cause considerable harm to property and structures. Few tricks help you to tackle this situation like trapping and mice poisoning.

How to take action about mouse infestation?

Mouse infestations are dangerous to humans. The saliva or feces of some mice may contain viruses, such as hantavirus and salmonella. So, it is best to take action at the first sign of a mouse infestation. You want to know how to control this situation? Here are some tips:

Traps: Trapping is an effective method for mice control. It is very simple and cheap (wood based snap trap) technique. Traps can be placed on top of pallets of stored materials or ledges, if mice are active in such locations.materials or ledges, if mice are active in such locations.

pestcontrolratElectronic Devices: Mice easily get frightened by strange noises. It’s a chemical free method. Usually, it is used to irritate the pest’s nervous system with a single turn on and off movement. Unfamiliar noises makes it difficult for them to build their nests. As a result, all rodents and pests will want to escape and stay away from that noise.

Poison Baits: It’s a poison trap. So, keep it away from the children and house pets. Rat killer can be placed indoor as well as outdoor to control infestation. It allows the user to effectively kill the mouse.

Glue Boards: It catches and holds mice that are attempting to cross over them in much the same way flypaper catches flies. Glue boards can placed where mice travel the most. And, extreme temperatures or areas with extreme dust may affect the effects of glue boards unless properly covered.

Placement of Baits: Baits are available in different forms. Place fresh bait stations next to walls to control invading mice before they become habitual. You don’t have to unwrap the baits before use; the pests will eat through the wrappers.

So you can prevent mice through baits and electronic devices where they are active. Follow these instructions before mouse numbers reach high levels. These are simple yet effective ways to ensure mice infestation is controlled well before it poses health risks to homeowners.

We, Pestex, gives you all you need to know about effective ways to control mice. Here are some tips to help people tackle the mice problems in their homes. Hope, after reading this article you will gain the extra knowledge how to trap mice in homes.

How to Remove Ants From Home – Learn from Pest Removal Experts

Pest control Hamilton experts strive hard to provide homeowners with the solutions that can remove pests off their homes. Pests always create nuisance at home. They are present everywhere in the air, carpet, cupboard etc. You can easily see every resource in your home sharing their resources with these tiny lodgers. Pest control Burlington guide people about how to deal with these unseen invaders. Though, a wide range of pesticides are available in the market but these potent chemicals may cause harm to you and our environment.

Following are some natural ways of controlling ant infestation in your homes.


  • The foremost thing is to remove all the attractants by keeping the kitchen counters free of crumbs. Make sure you wipe off the sticky spots and keep sugar and honey in an airtight container. Don’t leave dishes soaking overnight as it provides reliable water sources to the ants.

  • Put some soapy water in a handy spray bottle and spray that water over the ants.

  • Put some cucumber peels or slices in the kitchen or at the entry point of the ants. Most of the ants have a natural aversion to cucumber. This can help you keep them away your home.

  • Keep a few mint tea bags near the areas where ants are most active. Dry crushed mint leaves will work as the perfect ant deterrents.

  • Put some citrus oil, lemon juice, cinnamon, pepper at the entry area of the ants. This is an effective method of preventing ants from your home.

  • Mix water, a teaspoon of Borax and some sugar together. Soak some cotton balls in the mixture. Now, place these cotton balls in a small yogurt container with holes to allow ants gain easy access to the balls. Place the container near to their colony. The ants will take the bait to their colony which will kill the ants. It is advised to keep the solution away from the pets and children.

  •  If you encounter ants on the deck, place a few pieces of garlic between the cracks.

All the above mentioned tips will help the homeowners in preventing ants from their homes. Make sure you address the ants right from the beginning when they try to invade your home. Don’t let them form colonies in your residence. In case these methods don’t work for you, call reliable pest removal services to get this job done.

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How you Can Avoid Bed Bug Infestation? Read on…

Bed bugs are readily transported via luggage, bedding and furniture. Therefore, we can say they are great travellers. In businesses such as hotel management, bed bug infestation can easily impair their reputation and can affect their business adversely. There are many pest control Hamilton professionals who deliver superior services to assist the home owners and business owners as well to deal with your current pest problem. Bed bugs usually get hide and breed in cluttered areas. It is necessary to know that bed bugs are very sensitive to heat so, to get rid of bed bugs dry your stuff on high heat. Many Pest control Brantford professionals offer wide range of pest control services to Canadian residents.

Tips to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs usually live and breed in cluttered areas so, reduce clutter in order to make bed bug inspection easier. Be careful when you remove items from the infested area to other areas because bed bugs can be transferred.


Personal stuff such as animals, blankets or soft toys should be removed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. As, bed bugs are very sensitive to heat so, try to dry all your infested stuff in heat or you can say on high heat.

Dismantlement of bed frames in infested areas can expose hidden bedbug sites.

Disassemble drawers of the desks and dressers, and turn furniture over for inspection and to clean all hiding spots. Get all the furniture away from the walls and clean up the area.

Seal all the holes with caulking where wires or pipes penetrate floor and walls, also fill cracks around in order to reduce sheltered areas for pests.

For infested garments and bed linen you need to laundered them in hot water. When washing is not available, heating is a good solution. You can heat the bed linens or garments for several minutes in a clothes dryer.

It is essential to clean the infested rooms thoroughly. Use a stiff brush to scrub infested surfaces in order to remove eggs.

Vacuum the areas of bed bug infestation using vacuum attachment. Make sure you vacuum along baseboards, bed stands, headboards, foot boards, edges of the bedding, furniture. Vacuum cleaning job able to remove particles from crevices. Bed bugs tightly cling to surfaces, so for better result repeat vacuuming. To use a bristle attachment is not a good idea because bed bugs can be transferred to other areas since they cling to the brush. Once you are finished with vacuum cleaning, dispose of vacuum cleaner bags.

BDS bed bug detection systems are available in the market so, you can use this monitoring device. Place the monitoring device around the infested area which will help you to determine where the bed bug population is residing. Make your space clutter free as it gives shelter to bed bugs to reside and breed. Vacuum cleaners are of great use. Clean your room, beds, furniture thoroughly.

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Hamilton Pest Control Experts Share Tips to Get Rid of Cockroach Infestation

Almost all homes in the world have cockroaches. It is really annoying to face these disgusting creatures on a daily basis. To see them crawling on your sink, running down the pipe hole is yucky. Many pest control Hamilton professionals serve excellent pest control services to residential clients. Cockroaches, apart from bringing social embarrassment, also result in deteriorating health of your family. Cockroaches are carriers of millions of infectious agents which result in various diseases such as diarrhoea, food poisoning and many more. Several pest control Niagara falls professionals provide comprehensive treatment services for both commercial and residential sectors.


Contamination of Food

Cockroaches can eat anything. They feed on the food we eat, dead animals, plants, faecal matter, glue, soap, leather almost everything. They contaminate open food usually at night when they crawl around, leaving behind hair, dead skin and even depositing empty egg shells in it.

Disease-causing Bacteria

While feeding cockroaches usually leave their own saliva and digestive fluids from their mouth and adulterate your food with germs or bacteria. They can result in various diseases like infections, digestive problems etc.

Cockroach Bite

There are some cockroaches that can bite humans. If your home is heavily infested with these insects you need to be very careful because they can chomp on fingernails,or on any soft parts of the skin causing wounds.

Can Invade your Body Parts

Cockroaches can also invade your body parts. Cockroaches can enter the ear and nose when you are in deep sleep.


Cockroaches are also able to cause allergies. Their body parts and saliva secretion contain hundreds of allergens which can result in an undesirable reaction. So, you may suffer from sneezing and watery eyes and skin rashes.


Worst for Asthmatics

Cockroaches are worst enemies for asthmatic people. Cockroach infested house can maximize the chances of asthma attack. Cockroach allergens are more prone to cause complications and can prove to be life-threatening. If people who are not asthmatic and inhale cockroach allergens are more vulnerable to develop cockroach asthma.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is basically caused by ingesting food contaminated by bacteria. Cockroach produce these bacterias which produce toxins that are very harmful for the humans. Never let your food items uncovered at night. Before going to sleep at night, make sure that every thing in kitchen is properly covered and out of reach of any pest.

You need to keep your house clean if you want to get rid of cockroaches. Weekly cleaning of the entire house is essential to know the status of cockroach infestation. Make sure that areas around the sink and the food preparation counter is cleaned before you go to sleep. You can hire professionals to get rid of pest, they serve to control pest infestation.

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How Pest Control Hamilton Helps Get Rid of Rats

stop the root of the problem in a proper way. In order to get rid of rats in your attic or home, firstly, try to find out how and from where they are getting in, and permanently seal off those entry points. This way the rats will be trapped and will be removed from the building. Pest control Hamilton experts assist many Canadians in providing pest control solutions and also promise pest free future.

Pest Control Hamilton

Tips to get Rid of Rats

  • Seal off all the holes in the interior and exterior walls. It is better if you start with the interior walls to leave a way out for the mice. If you get them trapped within the walls, there is a possibility that they may chew new holes.

  • Always try to find those places used by mices regularly. If you find any greasy stains and feces you can easily get the idea about mice. You can also sense some stinky odor and clean the place immediately.

  • You can use rag or cloth pads in order to seal the entryways. Steel wool is considered to be a good option. However, steel wool is not a permanent solution as it rusts. Green kitchen pads are a good option to use for blocking the entryways. But you need to repair the large holes.

  • Once you secure the interior walls, now it is turn to seal any holes on the exterior walls of your building.
  • Cleanliness keeps the pests away from your home. When there is nothing to eat in or around your home, pests will less likely stay there. Properly store all your edible stuff in airtight containers and in places where you can prevent it from mouse attack.

  • Dustbin and trash cans should be away from your home. Dustbins and trash are usually a good source of food for mice and other pests. They can smell it and get attracted towards your house.

  • You can use peppermint oil which is a natural deterrent. Its smell is simply too intense for rodents and keeps the mice/pest away. You can use it by applying a drop or two on a cotton ball and then place it where mice usually enter your house such as doorways.

If you want to get rid of pests, it is essential to maintain cleanliness. And find the place where these rats enter. Keep your dustbins and trash away from your house. Avoid killing trapped mice since it is not a permanent solution. You can take professional assistance as many pest control Hamilton professionals deliver services to eliminate unwanted pests. You can also use organic solutions.

Pestex helps you in winning the war with pests. Our professionals are experienced and have deep knowledge about pest control. We deliver comprehensive range of pest extermination services including residences or business premises.