Health Risks Associated With Cockroaches & Their Solutions

Cockroaches are one of the common household pests that are found throughout the world. These tiny insects can spoil the integrity and hygiene of a home or office. Almost, every individual might have gone through cockroach infestation one or the other time in their life.

Most of the homeowners doesn’t bother about the roach presence in their property, until they fall nauseous or ill. Since these insects live in kitchen pipes or under other unhygienic conditions, they are responsible for spreading various diseases and infections. Due to their ability of causing diseases, they are considered harmful to humans and should be eradicated permanently with the help of a Hamilton pest extermination professional.

Various health risks associated with roach infestation are:

1. Food Contamination

Cockroaches can contaminate the food source they have fed or moved upon. They eat almost everything, including the dead remains of plants and animals. This makes them the carrier of various viral and bacterial infections. Their crawling can contaminate the food that results in serious sickness.

2. Bites

There are very little chances for cockroach bites, but they do bite when in danger. If your property is infested by a large numbers of pests, chances of getting a sting is maximized. Cockroach bites can cause wounds on toes and fingers.

3. Allergies

A physical contact with cockroach can cause several allergies, skin rashes, sneezing etc. Their saliva contains plenty of microbes and allergens that can deteriorate the well being of a person.

4. Asthma

By spreading lots of bacterial infections, cockroaches can trigger an asthma attack in the individuals suffering from this ill health condition. Their urine and feces can turn out to be dangerous for patients having breathing disorders. It’s highly advised to eliminate cockroaches as soon as possible, in case an asthma patient is present in your home.

Solutions to prevent infestation issues:

1. Keep the surroundings clean

To get rid of these pesky pests, its important to keep a space clean and hygienic. Since insects usually gets attracted towards a property because of abundance of food sources and shelter, keeping a kitchen clean can prevent their infestation.

2. Protect Food

As cockroaches can infect the food sources, its advised not to place any of the food items in open. This will prevent the risk of food contamination and poisoning. Moreover, clean the sink and drainage pipes on monthly basis to maintain hygiene.

3. Seal the cracks

Seal all minor wall openings and cracks to reduce the possibility of pest entry inside a home. In case, your home has been infected by harmful pests, call in an experienced pest control service in Hamilton for long time removal.

These were the few health risks associated with cockroaches, along with the solutions to prevent their infestation. Pestex Pest Control is a reputed pest removal company that offers comprehensive range of commercial and residential pest control and extermination services in Hamilton at affordable prices.


Easy Ways To Prevent & Get Rid of Pests

Pest infestation is a common problem that is faced by every homeowner. No matter, how clean and sealed a home is, tiny insects still find their way inside. One can usually found ants crawling on exterior walls or a roach in the kitchen sink. Though these pests doesn’t harm much, they are likely to risk health and hygiene of a family.

Fortunately, a bug problem is not the one that doesn’t have any solution. The only thing needed is to prevent their infestation by following various precautions. Pest removal Hamilton needs to be handled carefully through prevention and adequate actions. In case, the problem in your home has reached at an uncontrolled level, contact an expert residential pest control company.

Few ways to follow to get rid of pest are:

1. Clean the dirty dishes on time

Cockroaches are often attracted towards leftover food particles that are placed inside a sink. Its really important to wash the dirty dishes at night, rather them placing in the sink to wash off in morning. Clean up the kitchen counter tops after the preparation of meals. Tiny bread crumbs or spilled juices are the food items that attract pests.

2. Store food in air tight containers

Its advised to store all type of food items whether salty or sweet in air tight containers or plastic bags. Insects also feed on pet food, therefore, store it at a place that is away from their reach.

3. Keep fruits and vegetables in refrigerator

Don’t risk your health, especially if your home is infested with rats. These rodents can climb anywhere and feed on raw fruits and vegetables. To avoid the disease of plague that is caused by rats, its advised to store all sort of fruits and vegetables inside a kitchen.

4. Vacuum and mop regularly

Though not always necessary, pests are usually attracted towards a dirty home. The dust particles are often very tiny and therefore, may not be visible to naked eye. This doesn’t mean a home is clean. Its crucial to clean and maintain a home daily to avoid pest infestation.

5. Dry Off

Don’t allow the water to accumulate inside the sink, bathtub, or showers. These are many species of insects that can survive on water, without feeding on food even for days. These insects will surely leave your home, if they wont be able to find food and water to feed upon.

These were the few easy ways to prevent pest infestation from a home. Pestex pest control is a trusted pest extermination company in Hamilton that offers wide range of pest control services to both residential and commercial clients at affordable costs.

Easy Steps to Remove Rats from Your Home

Rodents are harmful pests that can cause nuisance and destroy essential home items. Their noise can greatly annoy a homeowner. Rats are pesky insects who are responsible for causing many serious health diseases including plaque. They often damage furniture, walls or chew electric cables, clothes, books and feed on stored food sources. To avoid inconvenience, it’s necessary to remove these rodents as soon as they are noticed. They are fast, flexible and can hide themselves in small holes. For effective results, calling a pest removal company for service is one of the best solution.

Few steps helpful in elimination are:

1. Remove all food sources

Pests usually accommodate a home in search of food and shelter. In case of mice, they prioritize a place that has more food availability. To prevent their infestation, it’s advised to stop feeding them. Try to keep the food materials away from their reach. Moreover, use plastic or glass containers that have tight lids for storing food.

2. Keep your home clean and tidy

In order to cope up with rat infestation, a clean and tidy home is a necessity. Even a couple of food spills left on the dining table can attract rodents. A cluttered and stuffed home can come up as a perfect hiding place for these pests. Don’t leave dirty clothes in the room corners or bed, as they can be spoiled by rats.

3. Use peppermint oil

An effective way to keep rodents away is peppermint oil. Its smell is so intense that mice won’t just get closer to the room in which it’s kept. One can place cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil at areas that are well visited by rats.

4. Close all possible entries

Since rodents are tiny creatures, they can easily get inside through small holes. To prevent their entry, seal the wall cracks and holes that may come up as a possible source of their invasion. Make sure there are no spaces left that can let them get in.

5. Use poisoning against mice

This a helpful but inhumane practice that tends to kill these pests. Poison is a source that can be harmful for your pets and kids. Therefore, before following this method, make sure you place it away from the reach of other family members.

6. Choose appropriate rattraps

A trap is a safe and effective practice of catching rats. In case, you don’t want to deal with dead mice, use humane method of trapping. There are several types of rattraps available in market. One can catch them in a box that’s easy to enter but difficult to escape. After catching, release them at a distance of 1 mile away from your place to avoid their back entry.

These are the few effective ways of eliminating rats from a home. Since rats can cause damages and diseases, they should be removed as soon as possible. Pestex Pest Control is a reputed company that offers pest control and extermination services to both residential and commercial properties in Hamilton.

How To Keep Your Premises Cockroaches Free | Tips By Pestex

You wish to never see cockroaches in your house, but these are a nasty pest that comes into your house again after removing them. Just because they eat food items, cockroaches are harmful for you and your family as they transmits various diseases, including Asthma, Salmonella, and Escherichia Coli. You have seen these pests, so many times in your kitchen when you go for a water in the mid of the night.

Extermination Company Hamilton

There are more than thirty five hundred species of cockroach available throughout the world. It is a little bit tricky to keep cockroaches away from your house. But there is no hard recipe to get rid of this pest. There are many numerous remedies to keep this nasty pest away from your home. Get the help of cockroach exterminator Hamilton and protect your loved ones from this nasty pest.

1. Remove potential food sources: Don’t provide them food, water and shelter in your house. This is the most effective way to eliminate them. After dinner, don’t leave food particles open on your kitchen counter and also don’t leave your dishes in the sink. Store your food items in tightly sealed containers.

2. Take the garbage out on a regular basis: Cockroaches are attracted by smell, so it is important that you throw your garbage regularly and wash the bins. Make sure you have a properly sealed garbage bin. Make sure you dispose all the garbage properly.

3. Wash dishes regularly: Most of the people have this habit that leaves their dishes overnight. Leaving open dishes is the indirect way to give an open invitation to cockroaches. After completing the dishes, if possible flush the sink or washer with white vinegar and hot water. It helps to get it really clean.

4. Don’t neglect those areas: Microwave and stove, both are those areas that attract the cockroaches. Because they have food particles inside of them. To eliminate these nasty pests it is important that you clean microwave, stove and oven regularly.

5. Seal all the entrance points: Inspect your house and seal all the possible entrance points to your premises. Cockroaches are not so big in size, due to this reason they can easily get entry into your house through small cracks or holes. They also come through the pipes, especially by kitchen drain pipes. So, if you have any cracks, seal them.

6. Hire a professional: Sometimes, it is very difficult to remove them from your house. In such situation, it is the best option to get a help of a pest control professional. Because they know how to eliminate them without damage to your premises.

If you follow these steps in your daily routine, it will mitigate the chances of having cockroaches in your house. Keeping your house clean and free of food particles is the greatest way to keep them out. For more information, you can consult with Pestex in Ontario.

Some Important Do’s and Don’ts Of Bed Bug Prevention

It is very shocking and disappointing fact that you have bed bugs in your house. Don’t worry, this is a very common problem and eight out of ten people face this problem in their house. Most of the people have many questions regarding bed bugs such as what they eat, what are bed bugs and where to they live. People are getting confused with these type of questions.

If you are suffering from the bed bug problem, don’t panic and don’t take tension. In this article you read about some important do’s and Don’ts of bed bug prevention. Read this article very carefully and deal with this problem. You can get the help of professional exterminator Hamilton.


1. Inspect the area: If you have doubts that you have bed bugs in your house, first inspect the targeted area very well. After that take any action to eliminate them from your house. You can see them with naked eyes. You can find them very easily in any area or corner of your house, especially in mattress cover, under the couch, behind the bed, in almirah and others. A regular inspection can help you to find and remove them from your house permanently.

2. Keep things clear: Bed bugs love to hide in cracks, corner and other dark places. Fill all the cracks and clean corners with vacuum. You can use a vacuum to clean under the bed, behind the bed, almirah, curtains and the whole house. For impressive results, use vacuum at least once a week.

3. Wash clothes and bedding: To remove bed bugs from your clothes and bed sheets, wash them in warm water. Hot water is the best way to kill bed bugs from your clothes. After washing dryer them. You can steam that items which are non-washable. Put them into the dryer for at least thirty minutes.


1. Don’t leave your house: Leaving the house is not a solution of bed bugs. You can get them again in your new house. May be you don’t know the bed bugs can travel. Yes, they travel with your luggage. When you move, obviously you bring your belongings with you. If your house is infested, there are more chances that bed bugs can reach your new house through your luggage.

2. Don’t use a fogger bomb: A Fogger bomb is the cheap extermination method used by many bed bug professionals. If you want to follow this method, make sure you hire an experienced professional. Bed bugs hide in under the couch, in cracks, under cushions and other dark places. There is a method to set this bomb and kill all the bed bugs with it. Unprofessional exterminator cannot do this.

3. Don’t throw your items: Many people make this mistake. If you are thinking that you can remove bed bugs permanently by throwing the infested items, you are wrong. It is not the right method to eliminate them from your house. You can get the help of professionals.

Hope, now you understand the difference between do’s and Don’ts of bed bug prevention. Do you have any issue with bed bugs? If yes, what are you waiting for, pick your phone and call us today. Our experienced professionals help you to make your house bed bugs free.

How to keep cockroaches out of your house

Cockroaches are the most common household pest. You can find them everywhere in your house. Especially, when you woke up in the mid of the night and switch on the light of the kitchen. Like human, cockroaches require water and food to survive. To get food and water, they hide in your house. Mostly they come out at night and hide in dark places at day time. According to Hamilton pest control, cockroaches are able to spread various diseases. Here are few effective tips offered by pest exterminator service in Hamilton to keep your house cockroaches free.

cockroach exterminator hamilton

1. Keep food away: Store your food in sealed containers or in the fridge. Discard you food items that are infested with cockroaches. Open food items are given an invitation to cockroaches to come into the house and spread diseases. Clean dirty dishes, counter and floor of kitchen before going to bed. Make sure you don’t leave any liquid items in a sink or buckets. Empty your dustbin on daily basis.

2. Take out the trash: Don’t leave your garbage can open. Don’t let the full garbage can sit in the house for longer. If you do, it will attract the cockroaches. Buy the trash cans with lid, it will not be attracted cockroaches.

3. Seal all entrance points: If you have any cracked entrance point in your house, seal it as soon as possible. This is the main entrance for cockroaches and other pests. Once you seal the opening, it does not come back. Check your whole house and if you find any possible entry point, seal them up with silicone caulk.

4. Wash dishes: Many people have habit leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. If you are tired or you don’t have time to wash your dishes, you can rinse them and wash them on the next morning.

5. Use vacuum: Use vacuum cleaner to clean your whole house. Pull out your fridge and clean properly outside of it. Pull out every single thing of your kitchen and clean behind and under them.

6. Water: Make sure you don’t have standing water in your house. Cockroaches can live without food many months, but can’t survive without water anymore. That is why, avoid standing water. If you have any leakage problem in your house, fix it as soon as possible.

7. Hire a professional: If you think you are not able to prevent this cockroach problem, you can get the help of a professional. Expert cockroach exterminator are able to safeguard your home against cockroach problem.

Here you have it. These are some effective tips that help you to get rid of cockroach problems. Sometimes, a professional service is not enough to prevent this problem. At that time you can adopt these tips given. For more information, make a call to Pestex Pest Control in Hamilton.

5 Effective Tips to Get Rid of Mice From Your Garage

Presence of mice in garages can lead to various health problems. Hundreds of home owners call pest control services every year to get rid of mice from their house and garage. Mice make nests in walls, chew-on electrical wires and contain highly infectious bacteria. Therefore, removing them from your property becomes inevitable.


Today, fortunately, getting rid of mice has become pretty easy. One can use traps having taut springs to either snap-off their heads or one can lay poison for them. Another humane approach, however, is to trap and then release these mice in the wild.

Following are Some Tips With Which You Can Easily Deal With Household Mice:

1. Placing live mousetraps with an edible item at strategic locations is probably the most tried and tested mouse control method. One can set their trap near a wall with the bait’s end near an access point. Also, remember to check these traps daily so that you can release the caught mice away from your house.

2. One can also make use of a good quality mouse repellent that’s available nowadays. Spray it around your garage’s perimeter so as to prevent new mice from coming inside. These effective mouse repellents won’t just drive them away from the garage but will kill them too.

3. Pet owners and parents of small kids are always doubtful of such mouse repellents. In that case, you can make your own homely mixture which mice happen to hate. One tablespoon of hot pepper sauce, ¼ cup laundry detergent and at least gallon water if sprayed around the garage will always keep mice away.

4. Prevention against new infestations is extremely important. Therefore, if you see any holes in your garage’s walls or its door, fix them immediately using wood, caulk or a patching compound. Seal all sorts of holes since mice can come from small openings too.

5. Nowadays, one can also avail ultrasonic repellents for preventing mice infestation. They are an eco-friendly and extremely effective solution against the entry of mice in garages. Such repellents produce a sound that’s inaudible to humans, but is painful for mice. It prevents new infestations and also drives away existing mice.

Mouse control seems like a daunting task on the personal front; however, one can get rid of them permanently if he/she follows the above mentioned tips religiously. Moreover, one must always stay extra cautious with rat poisons and repellents in case you have small kids and pets.

We, at Pestex Pest Control, are a leading name in pest control in Hamilton. We have helped hundreds of home owners and business owners to get rid of pests that hampered their daily routine. Contact us (289-799-3140) any time for pest extermination service in Hamilton. Visit us today to get more info regarding our services.

Tips To Protect Your premises From Ants

Often ants come to your house for food. Ants come inside one by one, two by two or in a group. There are number of ants extermination methods which you can use to remove ants from your house. Before you adopt any method, you have to an idea that which type of ants do you have in your house. Because mainly there are three types of ants found in house pavement ants, Pharaoh ants and carpenter ants.

Ant Extermination Service Hamilton

1. Keep Your Food In Container: If you are using fridge to keep your extra food, its fine. But if you keep it openly, make sure you use air tight containers to store your food. Ants always come to your kitchen for food. So always hide your food from ants, don’t leave it outside. Remember always, don’t through extra food around your house.

2. Seal All Small Entries: Ants are so tiny and small. So, they can find the way to enter your house. Cover all gaps of your doors and windows. Mostly ants come to your house from there. You can use plaster, putty and glue to cover all holes.

3. Use Vinegar: Vinegar is the best way to get rid of ants problem. Just put equal mixture of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar helps to remove ants from your house because ants hates vinegar smell.

4. Garlic and Cinnamon Stick: You can place garlic and cinnamon sticks on that areas from where ants enter like window and door corner. Cloves are also very useful to get rid of ants problem.

5. Find Ants Nest And Destroy It: May be its not easy to find ant’s nest, but once you find ants nest, destroy it with water or other spray. If you don’t have any idea where is their nest, the best way is fodder them.

6. Use Of Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is a very simple and easy way to remove ants from house. Ants hates smell of peppermint oil. Just use few drops of it when you clean up your kitchen. It is not harmful for you and your family and your kitchen smell fresh.

7. Lemon Juice: Lemon juice same as a vinegar. It works same as a vinegar. Just spray few drops of lemon juice around all that holes from where ants can comes to your house.

Hope all these given tips help you to remove ants from your home. Our expert and skilled team of pest control ready to solve your any query regarding ants problem. Call us without any hesitation.

5 Top Reasons To Hire Pest Control Hamilton Services

Pest infestation is common in Hamilton homes. Many homeowners prefer to eliminate the pests on their own. But, in reality for effective and lasting solutions, you need a professional exterminator. Remember, you need to prevent the pests as soon as possible before they wreak havoc on your property. Pests not only cause nuisance, but there are various health related risks also associated with them. According to pest control Hamilton services, homeowners should take immediate action after finding pests in their home. It takes a matter of time for a minor infestation to turn into a bigger issue. Following are the top reasons to hire pest extermination Hamilton services:

  1. Health Risks: Pests are the carriers of various harmful diseases and bacteria that can cause serious illnesses. Cockroaches carry E-coli and salmonella and various allergies and asthma related problems. Lyme disease is a life threat that is caused by tick bites. There are many other pests such as ants, rats, mice that can contaminate food, and can cause allergic reactions.

  1. Professional Training: The major benefit of hiring a professional exterminator is their ability to prevent any kind of pest or wildlife efficiently from your property.

                                                                                                                           ExterminatorsThey are skilled to identify the type of pest infestations and implement the best plan of action to remove the infestation in a timely and safe manner.

  2. Identifying the source: Professionals not only remove the pest, but also eliminate the source of the problem. Remember, besides pests, it is also vital to remove the source to prevent future invasion. Professional exterminators will find the source behind the infestations and effectively prevent any chances of future infestations.

  3. Time: Pest infestation should be removal as quickly as possible due to the risk of more infestation and to reduce the chances of property damage. If you are planning to deal with infestations yourself, there are very little chances of success. Exterminator companies in Hamilton are equipped with the specials tools and resources required to provide quick and effective solutions. They are competent to treat the place within one to six hours and larger infestations can take up to a week.

  4. Avoiding damage: In order to avoid any property damage and minimize the pest nuisatermitence it is recommended to pay a professional exterminator for treatment. Pests can cause extensive damage to carpets, foundations, floors, furniture, walls and other property that can break the bank.In short, to get the best and effective pest control treatment and avoid health and property damage risk, it is strongly recommended to hire a professional pest control service in Hamilton. At Pestex, our highly skilled professionals can prevent any kind of pest infestation in a timely and professional fashion. We have the latest tools and techniques required to execute the right plan of action.

How To Stay Pest Free In Hamilton

As per the National Pest Control Association, cockroaches, termites, spiders, rats, fleas, ants are the most common household pests in Hamilton. Each mammal needs specific tactics for extermination. But extermination is just about impossible to get rid yourself with a pest infestation problem without professional help. As, experts have the right skills and are trained in dealing with many different types of creatures that may known in your local area. It is highly recommended that the sooner you get a professional to work in eliminating the infestation, the sooner your attic will be rid of the annoying and irritating complication.

Here are some essential things that you need to follow to make your premises pest-free and healthy

  • However, it’s quite true, that you will never harm any pest unless they start disturbing your happy lifestyle. Studies show that sometimes bugs can be good for the plants and lawn. But other times these creepy crawls can destroy your plant’s life. No doubt, that there are various different insects in Hamilton, but less than 1% of pests are noxious to plant life. Highly experienced and knowledgeable exterminators are well-known about that bugs that are good for your plants and lawn. Not only this, they even allow you to rest easier by knowing that which bugs are being damaged and harmed your lawn.


Good extermination company always suggests that termite inspection is mandatory. By doing this, it ensures a termite free household for many years. Regardless of the size your property, insects can be a huge problem with your home’s structural integrity, as well as its aesthetic value. Whether it is a termite or any other pest infestation, a professional inspection is completely necessary to exterminate and identify these pests at a very early stage. If you want to keep your premises free of any form of mice or pest infestation, you should call a reputable pest control company for an on-site inspection to protect your home.

Tremendous amount of people in Hamilton deal with the rodents and pest problems. A few think that it is just another way to pay the price for living in this area. But they often know that these issues can be expertly controlled and they have been providing pivotal services to avoid the infestation problems from their home-sweet-home.

If you are living in Hamilton, then you need to take one step ahead for the protection of your hard earned investment. By taking the help of professional and reliable pest control company who will help to exterminate the sign of any kind of nasty pests.

We, at Pestex provide various household pest control solutions and services to residential and commercial in Hamilton & the surrounding communities. Our highly trained exterminators will ensure that your home will get prompt and affordable solutions to prevent creepy crawls throughout the life